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We, as a youth team, believe that everyone (yes that includes you) is valuable, precious and loved by an amazing God. Not everyone feels this all the time and that is ok.

If you are y7-13 then there are a variety of opportunities to hang out, have fun, explore some of the questions that we all have about life and to explore why God wants to get to know of us and how that might impact our thoughts and actions. We are wanting to encourage each young person to know Jesus for themselves.
Covid restrictions allowing, we are meeting every Sunday evening 19:30-20:30 – we hang out, catch up and look at what the bible says – have the opportunity to ask questions and offer opinions and explore how these truths can help/impact us as individually but also on a wider scale – in the community and the world.  There are social activities planned and some other specific sessions held outside of this time which will be advertised.
If you want to know more then we would love to hear from you or see you. 

All the youth work at Barley Hill is overseen by Claire Britton and supported by an incredible team of volunteers.  Dates for all our events can be found on our calendar. For more information e-mail Claire on