Who's who?

Church Leader - Vicar of BHC

Rachel Cross

The Team Vicar for Barley Hill Church and St Catherine’s is the Reverend Rachel Cross. Rachel is married to Simon and they have two boys, Ben and Theo.


Youth Leader

Nick Francis

Nick is our Youth Pastor. He is married to Liz and they have two boys, Daniel and Thomas.
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Church Warden

Andy Clamp 

Andy and his wife Jenny have been members of Barley Hill Church for over 10 years.  Andy loves being involved in the local community and is involved in Thame Players (oh yes he is....!) and is more likely to be handing out water at the 10k than running in it, but who knows maybe next year?


Church Warden

Debbie Witchell

Debbie is married to Derek, together they have two grown up children, Chris and Sarah.  She believes everyone should feel welcome in the church - no exceptions.  She finds praying and gardening a very therapeutic combination


Deanery Synod Representatives

Richard Shearwood

Richard is married to Vanessa and has two children: Ellie and Michael. He is keen on photography and has even sold a photograph to a magazine: it was a picture of a guinea pig. He also "does" social media and IT so feel free to ask about that sort of thing.


PCC Member

Janette Dixon

Janette, her husband James and their 2 teenagers Luke and Sarah, have been members of BHC for 15 years.  This is somewhat of a surprise to Janette, who swore that she would never become part of the Church of England!  Her passions in life are affecting the lives of young people, whether here or in the far west of Nepal - hence she is also an active trustee with New Life Nepal


PCC Member

Judith Harper

Judith is married to Stephen and is mum of three lovely children aged 6-15ys! She has been a part of Barley Hill Church since 2002 and is often to be found leading our pre-school group ‘Red Base’



PCC Member

John Scott

John is an engineer involved with renewable energy and claiming to be semi-retired. He’s married to Theresa with a son living in Scotland and a daughter living in New Zealand.


Deputy Warden

Marie Sutton

Deputy Church Warden with the remit of project works implementing the Deanery Learning course leading your church into growth. Usually seen with at least one child in tow as mum to 3 whirlwinds!


PCC Member

Bridget Trueman

Bridget is married to Robert and they have 2 sons - James and Mark - who are members of their local churches and involved in those churches. Bridget puts together various church rotas, 'does' computer in some services, and sings in others. She has recently joined a weekly art class.  Bridget is the church Special Educational Needs Office


PCC Member

Katy Hammond

Katy Hammond is married to Tom Eaton and has two guinea pigs called Boudicca and Georgiana - Boo and Gee for short. She can usually be found out running in Thame, in a museum or trying different foods from around the world with her husband. 




PCC Member

Sam Corfe

Sam grew up locally and joined the PCC in April 2018.








Finance Team

Tony Pickup                                                                                                

Tony is married to Elaine and they have two teenage sons. They have been members of Barley Hill Church for more than twenty years.


PCC Secretary

Barbie Potts

Barbie is married to Richard and has three children.  A producer of very fine minutes and Miss Tring, 1965!