Barley Hill Church is a place for people of all ages. Children and young people are vital to our life together. Our heart is to be an intergenerational church where we all learn from each other. One way we encourage this is through our Sunday morning Base groups. These are groups where our young people learn, explore and grow in faith for their day-to-day lives. Our dedicated, skilled and creative leaders bring sessions to life with Bible stories, games, song, craft and prayer - all with the aim of inspirimg a lifelong love of Jesus.

Each week our leaders and helpers wear T shirts in their group colour so if you have any questions, are new to the Church or just visiting please ask one of them to help you.

  0 ~ 5 Age group
 5 ~ 8's Age group    School Years 1 - 3
 8 ~ 11's Age group    School Years 4 - 6
 11 ~ 14's Age Group  School Years 7 - 9

As the groups get bigger and bigger we are always looking for new people to help us. If you would like to be involved please click here

All our groups operate under a comprehensive Safeguarding Policy, You can download a copy of it here. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to speak to our Child Protection Officer Marie Sutton.